Bluebird Botanicals Brand Review

This review of Bluebird Botanicals (B.B.) is from extensive research and customer response from those using Bluebird Botanicals hemp oil products.

Bluebird Botanicals is one of the pioneers in the industry and it has one of the best, high quality products offered today.

Bluebird offers 3 different oils, with 3 different mixes of cannabinoids and Terpenes.

Bluebird Classic – high in a-Humulene (appetite suppressant) and a- caryophyllene (anti-inflammatory)

Click here for B.B. Classic lab reports

Bluebird Signature – High in a-pinene (aids in memory)

Click here for B.B. Signature lab reports

Bluebird Complete – high in myrcene (Relaxing, sedative)

Click here for B.B. Complete lab reports.

Bluebird posts all their third party lab reports on their website for each product batch.

What we like:
Offers Sample Pack at affordable price
Targeted response from cannabinoid and terpene mix

Not so much:
Users report drops do not taste good.
Only ships to U.S.

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