Harnessing The Holidays: Stress Free Festive Season

Get The Party Started

Who else is exhausted just thinking about the holidays? Why, why, why does cold and flu season land smack dab on top of them? Can we please move one or the other to June?

My solemn pledge is to get organized! Stay well! I’m going to be a list-making master this holiday season!  I’m going to start shopping for presents early, have every item on my check list completed early so I can enjoy the holidays.

Tell Me What You Want! What You Really, Really Want!

Here’s a hint….teachers don’t want another coffee mug.  Silly, naive me, I’ve been buying Starbucks mugs for teachers for the last 3 years.  Last year, I asked my daughter what everyone else got the teacher.  Mugs!!  This year, I’m going to get them something they can enjoy. (At least I hope so.)

If you’re a teacher, what is the most unique present you’ve received from a parent?  What would you really enjoy after a long semester?  Please share your favorites.  We know how hard your job is and want to say “Thank You” and “Merry Christmas” with something you really want and love.

Don’t Stop Believin’

I love the holidays, my kids love the holidays, but life gets so busy it’s hard for me to really relax and enjoy them.

I’m a mom with ADHD. I’m overwhelmed on an easy day. I’m usually 5 steps behind other moms. If my kids are neat, tidy and put together, then I’m a walking disaster. It’s a trade off.

So let me ask…Is it really necessary to have 5 different pies at Thanksgiving? Do we need both mashed potatoes and yams, because both are technically potatoes?

Can I tell the kids the elves are sleeping late from jet lag and that’s why they didn’t move last night? Or the elves must really, really like that spot and came right back to it.

Let’s Get Physical!

This year I’m going to get ahead of it all. I’m going to eat better, start exercising daily, continue taking my favorite supplements (and a bonus…I’ve lost 12 lbs since I started taking these little jewels) to get my immune system stronger when it all gets overwhelming and I know it will. I’m going to do some yoga every morning (that’s my plan at least) to calm my soul and prepare myself for the day.

Remember When

And no matter what, I’m going to enjoy the holiday season. I’m going to make long lasting memories for my children they will cherish with their own kids one day.

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